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Case Studies
March 16, 2023

Customer Success Story – Panasonic

In this article, we shared how Portcast Real-Time Visibility Platform impacts Panasonic supply chain and how they benefit from our solution.
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Panasonic is a global leader in developing innovative technologies and solutions for wide-ranging applications such as in the consumer electronics, automotive industry, and energy sectors worldwide. They are providing innovative solutions and products for various industrial and consumer applications, through more than 500 consolidated Panasonic companies around the world. Panasonic uses Real-Time Container Visibility to track shipments to Europe for consumer, industrial and automotive products and components.

What Issues Were They Facing?

To get ocean supply chain visibility, the operations teams from Panasonic manually checked containers on carrier track and trace platforms, followed by updating details on their ERP system. It was a tedious and time-consuming process.

What Was the Impact of Portcast’s Solution?

Portcast solution enabled Panasonic to track all shipments in an efficient manner, so they can have better visibility on delivery times without the hassle. It enabled them to monitor their supply chain more closely while spending more time proactively mitigating issues.

Portcast Real-Time Visibility Platform

We aggregate, standardise, and enrich container tracking data from over 70 sources to provide you with a single source of truth. Our system detects risks and also explains the key reason for the delays so you can get a full picture of all your containers, easily.

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