A Carrier is a company or individual responsible for transporting goods, passengers, or cargo by sea, air, land, or a combination of these modes.

An Ocean Carrier is a company or entity specializing in maritime transportation services responsible for the shipment of goods via sea routes. Ocean carriers operate fleets of vessels designed to transport cargo across oceans and seas, playing a pivotal role in global trade and the international supply chain.

Ocean carriers, often called shipping lines or container lines, are instrumental in facilitating the movement of goods between countries and continents. They provide scheduled services, operating various types of vessels such as container ships, bulk carriers, and tanker ships. Ocean carriers handle a diverse range of cargo, including manufactured goods, raw materials, and commodities.

Examples of prominent ocean carrier companies include:

  1. Maersk Line: A Danish shipping company and one of the largest and most well-known container shipping operators globally.
  2. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC): A Swiss-Italian shipping line recognized as one of the largest container shipping companies in the world.
  3. CMA CGM Group: A French container transportation and shipping company with a global presence, offering a comprehensive range of maritime services.
  4. Evergreen Marine Corporation: Based in Taiwan, Evergreen is a major international shipping company known for its container shipping services.
  5. Hapag-Lloyd: A German-based shipping company and one of the largest container carriers worldwide, providing comprehensive container shipping solutions.
  6. Cosco Shipping Lines: A Chinese state-owned shipping giant operating one of the largest container fleets globally.
  7. OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line): A Hong Kong-based container shipping and logistics company with a significant presence in international trade.
  8. HMM (Hyundai Merchant Marine): A South Korean shipping company focusing on container shipping, bulk cargo, and terminal operations.
  9. Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation: A Taiwanese container transportation company that provides global shipping services.
  10. ZIM Integrated Shipping Services: An Israeli container shipping company with a global network specializing in transporting cargo between Asia, the Americas, and Europe.
  11. ONE (Ocean Network Express): A Japanese container shipping consortium formed by three major shipping companies—MOL, NYK Line, and K-Line.
  12. Evergreen Line: In addition to Evergreen Marine Corporation, Evergreen Line is the container shipping division of the Evergreen Group based in Taiwan.

These ocean carriers operate on various trade routes, connecting major ports and facilitating the transportation of goods on a global scale. As key players in international trade, ocean carriers contribute significantly to the modern supply chain's efficiency, reliability, and interconnectedness.

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