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Demand Forecasting Solution Tailored to Your Business

Optimize your capacity utilization with accurate demand forecasting. Understand the internal and external factors driving your demand.

Demand forecasting solution capabilities for logistics companies

Stay Ahead of the Demand Curve With Machine Learning

Accurate Forecasts Generated With Forecasting Models

Taking into account your business constrains and rules, such as load factors, capacity shortfall, and booking trends, our models can generate daily short-term forecasts for up to the next 3 months on a weekly rolling basis and monthly long-term forecasts for up to the next 5 years.

Recent accuracy dashboard for demand forecasting tool by Portcast

Granular Forecasting Down to Product and Customer Level

Gain individual-level insights into demand patterns for specific trade routes, products, or customers, allowing you to make more informed pricing and capacity decisions.

Relevant factors that can affect demand forecast on a granular level: trade routes, products, or customers.

Scenario Planning to Enable Decisions

Allow your business to move smoothly and as planned by manually adjusting the changes on the platform and exploring different forecasts versions to collaborate with your teams - all in one place.

More About Port Congestion
Forecast changes for demand in various trade lanes from June to February

Enable Dynamic and Data-Driven Revenue Management

Move from manual forecasting on spreadsheets to dynamic demand planning based on changes to external and internal parameters. Flag unusual behavior in booking patterns and customer profiles to adjust capacity needs.

Demand forecasting notifications for important changes in the reports.

Unique Advantages of Demand Forecasting by Portcast

Cargo Flow Specialization

Our platform works exclusively with cargo flow time series data.

Manually Adjustable Models

If you have deeper insights or expertese for certain events or forecasts, you can effortlessly customize the forecasted values across data points.

High Frequency & Granularity

Generate rolling forecasts on a bi-weekly basis at various levels of granularity: product, customer, region, and even exact line or port.

Portcast makes demand planning dynamic and accurate. Try it yourself!

Easily Embed Demand Forecasting Into Your Operations



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Our team demonstrates the full potential of Portcast platform tailored to your business requirements.


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