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Ocean Container Tracking API To Power Up Your Solution

Get instant access to a variety of shipping data: container milestones, predicted ETAs and ETDs, port congestion, and more, all in one place.

Portcast dashboard

Shorten Your Time-To-Market Metric

Embed a single API to cover all container track and trace needs for ocean shipments. To make it work as simple as it is right now, our platform aggregates, standardises, and enriches tracking data across numerous shipping lines and NVOCCs around the globe using 70+ data sources.

Agile Integration for Variety of Use Cases

Choose the level of granularity based on your data requirements: track by booking number, by bill of lading, and by container number. Fill-in data gaps and add value for your customers using new Portcast parameters in your architecture.

Image showing part of Portcast's interface and a report on predicted delayed bookings.

Best-In-Class Predictive ETAs and ETDs

Leverage the power of data and Machine Learning without spending multiple years on R&D. Portcast's predictive accuracy is the highest on the market for ocean shipments across all geographies. Our system detects risks and also explains the key reason for delays which will be a great benefit for your users.

No More Dark Days Without Visibility

Always have up-to-date information. We reduce the latency of container milestone updates and provide visibility even in cases when carriers don't communicate delays. By working with various data sources, Portcast provides multiple perspectives on the container movement.

Deciding between building or buying technology? Our easy-to-integrate solution doesn't require a lot of time to get the first results.

Our Data Network

Verarbeitete Datenpunkte pro Tag
Spediteure & NVOCCs

Was unsere Kunden ĂĽber uns sagen


Die leistungsstärkste Funktion ist die ETA-Vorhersage, die durch eine vollständige E2E-Ansicht der Ozeanereignisse ergänzt wird und uns das Beste an Vorhersagegenauigkeit und Vollständigkeit der Ozeanansicht bietet.

International Transformation Director, AB-InBev

Die Software passt sich fast vollständig an die Bedürfnisse des Unternehmens an. Die Transparenz, die sie in Bezug auf die Containerverfolgung bietet, ist von großem Wert.

Digital Engineer, Neele-Vat

Portcast hilft Ihnen, frühzeitig vorherzusagen, wie sich äußere Umstände wie Wetter, Hafenüberlastung und Streiks auf Ihre und die nachgelagerten Prozesse Ihrer Kunden auswirken können.

Deputy General Manager, Offshore Processes, Ocean Network Express (ONE)

Easily Embed Container Visibility API In Your Solution



We schedule a 15 mins call to learn more about your data needs and understand if and how we can help enrich your solution.


Technische Ausrichtung

Our team demonstrates the full potential of Portcast platform tailored to your requirements.


Integrieren Sie Portcast

Unser Customer Success Team ermöglicht es Ihnen, in weniger als einer Woche loszulegen und die APIs nahtlos zu integrieren.