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Shipping Analytics Software for Data-Powered Supply Chains

Support your decision-making and logistics operations with performance insights for target carriers, lanes, and ports.

Image of container port with Portcast UI on top of it, showing carrier reliability and performance graph based on changes in sea freight transit times between two ports and a detention and demurrage feature that analyzes the historical D&D spends and shows ports with highest sums last year.

Supply Chain Analytics Dashboards With 360° View

Understand Sea Freight Transit Times for Your Destinations

Gain advantage by incorporating an analytics layer over historical transit times for designated port pairs, enhancing the reliability of your operational planning.

Graph showing Weekly Comparison of Average Sea freight transit times

Benchmark Carrier Performance

Compare the reliability of various carriers across trade lanes to identify the optimal choice for minimizing dwell times and ensuring on-time deliveries. Make better procurement decisions by leveraging historical performance data to your advantage.

Graph showing carrier performance and carrier reliability comparison based on their on-time arrivals.

React to Detention and Demurrage Risks and Analyze Historical Spends

Select cost-efficient carriers, ports, and terminals based on your historical demurrage and detention trends.

Unique Advantages of Shipping Analytics by Portcast

Blend Diverse Datasets

Build custom dashboards using variety of datasets from Portcast, including market statistics alongside your own data, in a format that suits your needs.

High Frequency of Updates

Tailored to your needs, we offer updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Reliable Ocean Data

Ensure your team accesses reliable information — measure it with our unique data KPIs dashboards.

Get true visibility for your transportation planning, not just carrier updates. Try it yourself!

Easily Embed Transportation Visibility Into Your Operations


Discovery Session

We schedule a 15 minutes call to learn more about your supply chain needs and understand if and how we can help solve your challenges.


Tech Alignment

Our team demonstrates the full potential of Portcast platform tailored to your business requirements.


Integrate Portcast

Our Customer Success team will ensure a smooth onboarding process for you and share the best practices to make the most out of our collaboration.