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Measure Your Ocean Logistics Carbon Footprint

Build a transparent reporting system by gaining insights into logistics emissions at a highly granular level, from individual containers to entire shipments or orders, allowing for in-depth analysis.

Prepare for Upcoming Regulations on Supply Chain CO2e Emissions

Analyse Historical CO2e Emissions to Make Better Booking Decisions

Based on historical emissions trends, explore various shipping scenarios to find the most efficient combination of journey length, estimated emissions, and costs. This allows you to make more informed booking decisions.

Get a Comprehensive View on Your Ocean Transportation Carbon Footprint

Access detailed metrics for measuring your container's CO2e footprint. Our datasets include Well-to-Tank (WTT), Tank-to-Wheels (TTW), and overall CO2e emissions (Well-to-Wheel - WTW) for the entire container journey, along with CO2e emission intensity.

Unique Advantages of Freight Emissions Reporting by Portcast

CO2e Estimation Data Accredited by SFC

Our calculation methodology complies with the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework.

Multiple Forms of Reporting

Data is available via both API and a detailed dashboard in WebApp.

Seamlessly Integrated in Portcast Platform

Easy to get started with as an add-on to container tracking.

Gain valuable insights with accurate CO2e analysis by Portcast. Get started today!

Why Should You Start Tracking CO2e Emissions?


Regulatory Preparedness

Responding to stricter supply chain CO2e emissions regulations (EU ETS & IMO) and preparing for mandatory Scope 3 emission reporting.


Better Booking Decisions

Incorporate emissions as criteria for deciding on carriers and routes for future bookings.


Commitment to Sustainability

Attracting eco-conscious customers by demonstrating a commitment to carbon footprint reduction.