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Case Studies
Sreelakshmi H K
October 26, 2023

Customer Success Story – Freight Forwarding Company

Discover how a €500M European freight forwarding company used Portcast real-time container tracking and predictive ETA solutions to strengthen customer relationships.
customer success freight forwarding company

Our client is a prominent force in the freight forwarding industry, recognised as one of Europe's foremost logistics service providers. They encountered a substantial challenge in delivering live container tracking and real-time updates to their customers. Since a significant portion of their clientele depended on ocean freight for cargo transport, ensuring real-time container tracking was of utmost importance. Regrettably, the company heavily relied on carrier websites for information, requiring their team to diligently check multiple carrier websites daily to oversee shipments. This practice resulted in several issues for both the freight forwarding company and their end-customers.

Here's an in-depth case study illustrating how Portcast assisted this freight forwarding company in resolving its challenges and nurturing customer relationships.

What's inside this case study?

Table of Contents
I. About the Customer
II. Challenges
III. Solution
IV. Why Did the Client Choose Portcast
V. Transformational Outcomes
VI. Before vs After Implementing Portcast Solution

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