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Sreelakshmi H K
September 26, 2023

Playbook: Navigating Europe's Supply Chain Challenges

Discover Europe's supply chain challenges, uncover hidden cost drivers, and find proactive strategies for business leaders to safeguard against financial losses in this comprehensive playbook.
Europe supply chain challenges

The European supply chain landscape is undergoing a profound transformation and with it comes a host of challenges and opportunities. From the persistent geopolitical uncertainties and climate change to the enduring repercussions of Brexit, today's supply chain leaders face a complex and rapidly evolving set of circumstances. 

This playbook delves into crucial facets of European supply chain challenges, shedding light on pressing issues that require immediate attention. It highlights the limitations of basic ocean visibility and emphasises the need for a more comprehensive and transformative level of insight. 

What’s inside this playbook?

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
a. The Complexities of European Supply Chains
b. Key Challenges Facing Europe's Supply Chains
c. Other Critical Concerns Demanding Attention
II. Basic Visibility in a Disruptive Supply Chain Environment
a. Limitations of Depending on Carrier Visibility
III. Ocean Visibility Data Enriched with Context
a. Operational Excellence Through Terminal Visibility
b. Operational Excellence Through Predictive ETAs
c. Exception Management Through Timely Alerts
IV. Choosing the Right Ocean Visibility Solution for Your Business
a. Assessing Your Tracking Needs and Requirements
b. Understanding the Cost Implications
c. Key Feature Checklist to Select the Right Vendor
V. Final Thoughts
a. Recommendations for Staying Ahead in the Evolving Landscape

More significantly, strategising for profitable logistics processes that impact a business's ROI represents a game-changing opportunity for supply chain leaders. By examining ocean visibility data combined with contextual insights, this resource aims to provide that knowledge to the readers.

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