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Kostiantyn Bankovskyi
September 1, 2023

Portcast CEO Nidhi Gupta Joins Eric Johnson in Logtech Live

Nidhi Gupta, Portcast CEO, joined eminent supply chain expert and podcast host Eric Johnson in an insightful conversation revolving around the container and port visibility market landscape.
Supply chain podcast

Watch an engaging episode of Logtech Live where Nidhi was featured as the special guest. Joined by Eric Johnson in this podcast conversation, she advocates for transforming logistics into an "experience." The dialogue between Eric and Nidhi revolves around the current container and port visibility market landscape.

Here's a transcript of the first question. Click on the video below to watch the full podcast.

[Transcript has been edited for clarity]

Eric: I've been covering the visibility, especially on the ocean side, for a very long time, longer than I would care to admit to at this point, but there are many providers in this space. So, I have a few questions, if I can throw your way. Why do you think the market from a visibility provider perspective is so fragmented?

Nidhi: Yes, it seems like everyone's talking about visibility. But it's a reflection of the industry's need for it. I believe visibility is the fundamental layer before any analytics, improvement, efficiency, or optimisation can be done! When we talked with customers about a full PL solution or a control tower solution, all of those great, fun things and critical things can't be done if the fundamental layer of data falls through without visibility. So, only companies who know where the risks are can actually act to mitigate them. It's a good thing that so many companies are talking about it. 

While visibility is becoming more of a core hygiene factor, it is very important to know what visibility one is getting. It's quite a rainbow of solutions. On one end, there's this blue dot in terms of where the vessel is and on the other hand, it's really about being granular enough to talk about why something is happening, what's happening at the handoff points like the terminals or the depots where issues really happen, and actions really get started. I think we need to really think about breaking visibility down into those multiple facets, getting as granular as possible.

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