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Portcast Insights
Sreelakshmi H K
June 21, 2023

The Value of Portcast's Real-Time Transportation Visibility Solution for Your TMS

Experience the transformative potential of Portcast's RTTVP. Uncover the imperative reasons behind integrating Portcast with your TMS and unlocking the key to your business success.
Real-Time Transportation Visibility for TMS

Real-time visibility data is a critical factor in driving the operational excellence of any Transportation Management System (TMS). The system's success hinges on its ability to provide users with reliable and trustworthy visibility information.

A robust visibility feature within a TMS allows for flawless execution with reliable data, differentiating the system and defining its efficacy and success. Therefore, ensuring your users have access to this reliable visibility data is essential to empower informed decision-making and seamless actions within their supply chains, while building a competitive advantage at the same time.

Why Does Your TMS Need Portcast's RTTVP?

Image: Illustration depicting Portcast's real-time visibility seamlessly connecting and enhancing core TMS functionalities.
Portcast's real-time transportation visibility bridges the gap between your core TMS functionalities

1. No Strain on Your IT Resources

With Portcast's user-friendly & easy to integrate API, you can bid farewell to rigid and outdated legacy systems that consume development resources and demand intricate integrations. You can direct your IT resources to other crucial products that can help in expanding your customer base. Accelerate your time to market for visibility by opting for Portcast's solution instead of building internally.

2. Visibility Data Powers the Actionability of the TMS

Besides providing highly reliable ocean transportation intelligence for your end customers, Portcast empowers you to gather comprehensive data and actionable insights regarding the various actions shippers take on your TMS platform. With all the available information, you can focus on enabling adjustments within the TMS to optimize operational efficiency. 

For instance, having timely information about the container's readiness for pickup enables you to orchestrate necessary actions well within timelines. 

3. Terminal Visibility

Enhanced visibility solutions with terminal intelligence provide shippers with comprehensive insights into terminals all over the world, bridging the information gap between cargo transfers. You can offer comprehensive visibility to your customers.  

For example, Portcast's enhanced terminal visibility offers real-time updates on container milestones at the terminal (Pickup availability, appointment date, yard location, holds) and alerts for potential delays (LFD), empowering shippers to make informed decisions and confidently take necessary actions.

4. Choice for Your End Customers

By integrating Portcast's platform, you can offer your end customers the advantage of choice, even if you already have an existing visibility provider in place.

5. Workflow Orchestration

Leveraging real-time visibility data from our platform, shippers can efficiently orchestrate workflows, ensuring smooth coordination and synchronisation of operations. Our platform utilises diverse data sources to establish a single source of truth for our users, eliminating the need for extensive integration and research from their end. This single source of truth enables enhanced efficiency optimisation and minimises disruptions, fostering stronger collaboration among all stakeholders within your customers' supply chain.

6. Building the Carrier Network

We take care of the carrier network building process, alleviating your concerns about managing carrier diversity, their unique software requirements, and the onboarding process.

7. White Label Notifications

If you want to skip building the visibility visualisation in-house and get a faster go-to-market, Portcast offers a white-labelled user interface to align with your brand identity. By utilising this service, you can provide transportation visibility to your users while also reinforcing your brand in the presentation. Additionally, we offer easily shareable magic links without requiring login, enhancing collaboration convenience.

What We Can Assure

Scalability: Portcast's cloud-based architecture provides scalable solutions capable of efficiently managing large volumes of real-time data and adapting to growing demands. 

Easy-to-use API: Our platform offers an intuitive library of APIs, enabling swift integration with your planning and execution systems, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Post-implementation support: At Portcast, we prioritize customer-centricity and adaptability to meet your evolving business needs. We are committed to supporting your growth by providing a platform to scale alongside your expanding operations. Through regular check-ins, we ensure that you maximize the value of your investment and align platform usage with your changing requirements, enabling you to achieve your integration objectives effectively.

Focus on security: Portcast prioritizes robust data storage and security, implementing stringent measures such as encryption, access controls, and regular backups to safeguard valuable information.

The Portcast Advantage

  • Intelligent data validations and human-in-the-loop quality experts ensure reliable data
  • Broad coverage of vessels as well as barges (5,000+), global ports (1,200+), and global carriers (120+)
  • Capability to handle NVOCCs or freight forwarders' datasets
  • Predictive ETAs, port congestion alerts, and carrier analytics
  • Port terminal visibility and delay management
  • Cloud-based solution with highly scalable architecture
  • Robust data storage and security
  • Easy-to-use APIs
  • White labelling available


Creating a cutting-edge TMS requires the collaboration of tech-forward partners committed to real-time visibility, but platforms that meet this standard are few and far between. Through Portcast, you can integrate trusted and complete visibility data into your core business processes and truly turn your visibility offering into a strategic benefit. 

If you are looking to enhance your TMS performance with a trusted real-time transportation visibility partner, reach out to us for a reliable solution tailored to your needs.

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