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Case Studies
Shailesh Gupta
November 29, 2023

Why a Top F&B Company Preferred Portcast Over Any Other Leading Visibility Solutions Providers

Discover the evaluation criteria used by a leading F&B company for assessing supply chain visibility technology providers and their reasons for choosing Portcast as the preferred provider.
supply chain visibility technology

A global Food & Beverage (F&B) industry leader sought improved ocean freight visibility to provide superior delivery experience for more than 120,000 containers. For this reason, the F&B company undertook an extensive 12-week platform trial, assessing the Portcast platform in comparison to five major global visibility providers, including a leading US-based company in the supply chain visibility technology sector. The evaluation focused on key metrics such as data completeness, latency, and accuracy.

This document provides an in-depth exploration of the methodology employed for these comparisons. It presents concrete numerical data for various scenarios, including container events coverage, latency, and the accuracy of ETA/ETD predictions. The document also discusses the factors that influenced the F&B company's decision to select Portcast as a dependable container tracking platform.

What’s inside this document?

Table of Contents
I. The Assessment
II. The Winning Factors: Why They Chose Portcast
III. Numerical Data on:
a. Completeness (Container Events Coverage)
b. Latency
c. Data Accuracy (Predicted ETA/ETD)
IV. Impact of Our Predictions for the Food and Beverage Company

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