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Shailesh Gupta
June 15, 2021

Yantian Port Congestion - List of Vessels Affected

Yantian port faces worsening port congestion levels, following the news of several COVID-19 cases in Shenzen.
Yantian Port Congestion

Unfortunately, the impact of this congestion may be bigger than the Suez Canal blockage. Stringent disinfection and quarantine measures are currently imposed at Yantian port, with port efficiency unlikely to return to normal soon. Port handled 13.3 Million TEUs in 2020 and is currently operating at 30% capacity. With each passing day the port continues to operate at 30% capacity, an estimated 25,500 TEU of cargo is not being handled.

If you are a shipper or freight forwarder, the impact of this event cannot be understated.

Expect your shipments to be delayed even further

Port stay duration for vessels in Yantian port is currently at 51.47 hours, based on our data. In comparison, port stay duration over the same period last year was 22.91 hours, representing a year on year increase of  124%. Furthermore, many vessels are currently at anchorage and  are expected to wait longer before entering the port as part of COVID-19 measures.

In addition, the other ports in Shenzhen do not have enough capacity to takeover Yantian port's cargo backlog. Other ports in the nearby regions face similar issues as well. For example, the COVID-19 outbreak in Guangdong prevents Nansha and Shekou ports from reducing the backlog at Yantian port. To cope with the situation, affected vessels have either skipped Yantian port or have been circling around the area.

To ensure shipments reach on time, many shippers have expedited shipments through air freight. However, air cargo capacity is limited and is not sustainable due to the high costs incurred.

We have created a list of container vessels affected by this event

Visibility of your shipments affected by the Yantian port congestion is more important than ever. We are already seeing vessels skipping ports outside of China due to the severe port congestion. To help you better cope with this event, we have created a list of affected container vessels that will be updated in real time. This includes information such as:

  • The vessels affected [Vessel name and IMO number]
  • Previous ETA according to vessel schedules
  • New ETA due to this event
  • Current status of the vessel

Access the list updated in real-time.

Is your shipment affected by the port congestion?

We offer our customers updates for all shipments affected by this event. Reach out to us for a demo to find out more.


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