EIR (Equipment Interchange Receipt)

EIR (Equipment Interchange Receipt)

Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) is a document confirming the interchange of shipping equipment, such as containers or chassis, between different parties.

An Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) is a formal document used in the shipping and logistics industry to acknowledge the interchange of shipping containers or other transport equipment between different parties, typically between carriers, terminals, or container depots.

The EIR serves as evidence that the equipment has been transferred, providing details about its condition, including any damages or discrepancies noted during the interchange.

When containers are transferred between carriers, terminals, or container yards, an EIR is issued to record the handover and confirm the condition of the equipment.

  • The EIR contains essential information about the equipment, such as the container number, seal details, and relevant identification.
  • The EIR serves as a formal acknowledgement that the shipping container or equipment has been transferred from one party to another.
  • Signatures from both the delivering and receiving parties, along with timestamps, authenticate the interchange process.
  • EIR includes details about the condition of the equipment, noting any damages, discrepancies, or issues observed during the interchange.
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