Voyage Number

Voyage Number

A Voyage Number is a unique identifier assigned to a specific voyage of a ship, enabling accurate tracking and communication within the maritime industry.

A Voyage Number is a unique identifier assigned to a specific journey or trip undertaken by a vessel, typically a ship or a maritime transport conveyance. This alphanumeric code allows for the precise vessel tracking and documentation of a vessel's voyages, aiding in logistics, scheduling, and overall maritime management.

Each time a vessel embarks on a journey, it is assigned a distinctive Voyage Number that serves as a reference for various stakeholders involved in the maritime industry. This identifier is particularly crucial for shipping companies, port authorities, customs officials, and logistics providers, as it helps streamline the monitoring and coordination of maritime activities.

Key features of a Voyage Number include:

  • Uniqueness: Each voyage is assigned a unique Voyage Number to avoid confusion and facilitate accurate record-keeping.
  • Logistical Reference: The Voyage Number serves as a logistical reference point, enabling easy tracking of the vessel's progress, port calls, and other relevant details.
  • Documentation: The code is used in various maritime documents, including bills of lading, shipping manifests, and other paperwork associated with the specific voyage.
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