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Case Studies
January 4, 2024

Red Sea Attacks: Container Tracking Discrepancies Among Visibility Providers

Explore a live example highlighting tracking discrepancies among visibility providers during the Red Sea crisis and learn the critical importance of accurate tracking information.
Red Sea Attacks: Container Tracking Discrepancies Among Visibility Providers

At this critical juncture, it is imperative to underscore the importance of relying on the most reliable sources of information to monitor potential bottlenecks and disruptions stemming from the Red Sea crisis. Despite visibility platforms purportedly providing live container status updates and vessel ETAs, we have noticed that even some of the prominent supply chain visibility platforms have presented inaccurate or incomplete information.

Tracking Discrepancies Among Visibility Providers: A Case Study with MAEU (MAERSK TANJONG:9332511)

For instance, we would like to draw your attention to the tracking information for the vessel MAEU (MAERSK TANJONG: 9332511) as a pertinent example.

Issue 1: Incorrect Delay Reporting 

Some visibility providers have inaccurately indicated that the vessel is proceeding without delays or has chosen not to reroute around South Africa. This misinformation can significantly impact decision-making for shippers relying on precise updates to navigate the evolving situation.

Issue 2: Misleading Pacific Route Indication

Another platform has indicated that the vessel has travelled via the Pacific, introducing confusion about the actual route taken.

Issue 3: Lack of Future Path Information 

In certain instances, even when a platform correctly identifies the vessel's rerouting via Africa, there is a glaring omission of future path information.

Portcast's Reliable Tracking Information

‍Contrasting these discrepancies, Portcast provides accurate, complete and reliable tracking information for MAEU (MAERSK TANJONG: 9332511). 

Portcast Tracking Update for MAERSK TANJONG: 9332511 along with rerouting information, calculated delays and updated ETA.

We provide the correct vessel path, including the vessel's stop at the Namibian port for replenishment. Additionally, we have calculated the delays and updated the ETA for its POD (Savannah Port) accordingly.

Keep following our communication for timely and reliable updates on the situation. If you need help tracking your containers amid this ongoing Red Sea crisis, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Follow our Red Sea Crisis Bulletin to get all latest updates.


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