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Sreelakshmi H K
January 5, 2024

Bulletin: Red Sea Attack Supply Chain Updates

Stay informed with this news bulletin, delivering the latest updates on vessels impacted by the Red Sea attack, port congestion, carrier response, and more.
Bulletin: Red Sea Attack Supply Chain Updates

At Portcast, we've been diligently monitoring the evolving situation since the initial attacks on container vessels in the Red Sea. For the benefit of the supply chain and logistics community, we're providing valuable information, including a dynamic list of affected container vessels, updates from leading carriers, insights into port congestion developments, and more. Follow this page for ongoing updates and plan your operations effectively with the latest, reliable information.

News Update Date Synopsis
Shippers' Relief: How Predictive Visibility Has Helped Tackle Red Sea Shipment Delays Feb 19th, 2024 Here's how timely predictive ETA insights are transforming shipping strategies amid the Red Sea crisis. Explained with a real-time example demonstrating the power of proactive decision-making for shippers.
CO2 Surge at Sea: The Environmental Toll of Redirection in Maritime Routes Amid Red Sea Crisis Jan 25th, 2024 More details on the increase in CO2 emissions for shipping routes between China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Europe, as well as the US East Coast due to the Red Sea vessel rerouting scenario.
Live Information on Shipping Containers Impacted By the Red Sea Attacks Updated Feb 20th, 2024 Currently, 95% of containerships that typically traverse the Red Sea and Suez Canal are opting for reroutes around the Cape of Good Hope. This shift impacts approximately one-third of the global container ship capacity, attributed to security concerns arising from incidents in the Red Sea. Explore our compiled list detailing responses from major carriers and gain access to real-time insights tracking the status of impacted ships.
Red Sea Attack Challenges: Port Congestion Updates Jan 5th, 2024 As expected, the increase in vessels rerouting via the Cape of Good Hope instead of the Suez Canal has led to port congestion in certain areas, simultaneously increasing port activities in others. Specific ports in Africa are now grappling with a significant upswing in both vessel visits and waiting times. Delve deeper to gain insights into the key ports undergoing substantial shifts in this regard.
Red Sea Attacks: Container Tracking Discrepancies Among Visibility Providers Jan 4th, 2024 Despite claims of live container status updates and vessel ETAs by various visibility platforms, it's noteworthy that even some leading supply chain visibility providers have displayed inaccurate or incomplete vessel information during the Red Sea crisis. Explore a case study featuring MAEU (MAERSK TANJONG: 9332511) to understand the discrepancies and the importance of accurate tracking at this critical juncture.
Safety Disruption in the Red Sea: Affected Vessels Avoiding Suez and Going Around South Africa Dec 18th, 2023 We delve into the unfolding events from the initial Red Sea attack, exploring the potential ramifications on global trade and business implications for shippers. Stay informed with our regularly updated dynamic list, providing valuable insights into the status of affected vessels.


Stay tuned for timely and reliable updates on the ongoing Red Sea crisis. If you require assistance tracking your containers during this period, feel free to contact us.


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