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Portcast Insights
Sreelakshmi H K
June 22, 2023

Why Integrating Portcast’s Real-Time Transportation Visibility Is Valuable to Your Freight Forwarding Business?

Uncover the advantages of integrating Portcast's real-time visibility into your freight forwarding business. Gain a competitive edge with operational excellence and enhanced customer satisfaction.
Real-Time Transportation Visibility for freight forwarders

In a highly commoditised freight forwarding industry, delivering unique customer experiences and offering value-add services have become imperative for freight forwarders. A vital element in achieving this is providing unparalleled real-time container visibility to shippers. From live tracking and timely updates to providing proactive alerts on issues and operational optimisation, real-time transportation visibility enables freight forwarders to elevate customer satisfaction levels and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

How can Portcast’s RTTVP help?

A freight forwarder using Portcast's real-time transportation visibility solution, effectively managing exceptions and leveraging analytical insights for operational excellence, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction and delight.
Portcast real-time visibility: Exception handling and operational excellence for freight forwarders

1. Achieving Peak Operational Efficiency

Efficiently managing operations: By integrating Portcast's visibility data directly into your systems, you gain a comprehensive overview of pending action items, such as identifying shipments requiring customs clearance, generating delivery orders, and keeping customers informed about the latest milestones in their shipments.

Terminal visibility to bridge information gaps: Portcast's enhanced visibility with terminal intelligence provides comprehensive insights into terminals worldwide, bridging the information gap between cargo transfers. For example, real-time updates on container milestones at the terminal (Pickup availability, appointment date, yard location, holds) and alerts for potential delays (LFD) empower you to make informed decisions and confidently take necessary actions.

Early detection of potential rollovers: With Portcast's real-time visibility, your team can proactively identify bottlenecks at transhipment hubs. Suppose they detect a risk of your customer's container being rolled over to a later vessel due to space constraints. In that case, they can quickly engage with the carrier and terminal, prioritise the container, and ensure it is placed on the intended vessel. This prevents rollovers and preserves the delivery schedule for your customer.

Faster workarounds: By comparing the anticipated arrival date of customer cargo with Portcast's predicted estimated time of arrival (ETA) information, you can quickly identify shipments with potential deviations. This saves resources and builds customer loyalty through proactive communication of delays and disruptions.

2. Analytics: A Catalyst for Expanding Your Business

Although acquiring real-time visibility remains the primary goal when implementing a visibility solution, the potential of visibility data extends beyond that. Mainly, it enables businesses to delve into historical trends and patterns, thereby facilitating further optimisation of the shipping process. This becomes a crucial undertaking for freight forwarders as streamlined processes allow for a higher volume of shipments to be executed for shippers, minimising significant delays. Consequently, this fosters customer loyalty and also serves as a catalyst for expanding your business.

Let's explore the range of analytics Portcast can provide to help you allocate your resources better:

Carrier performance analytics: By examining carrier performance, you can discern the top-performing and underperforming carriers for specific trade routes. This information aids in making informed decisions regarding carrier selection as you can rely on factual data about individual carrier reliability, taking into account factors beyond mere pricing considerations.

Lane analysis: Your business can identify less-risky trade routes for specific customers and pinpoint lanes that are more prone to delays and carry a higher level of risk.

Spend analytics: This analysis delves into the average demurrage spend, offering valuable insights into the costs associated with delays and storage charges. 

3. Offer a Delightful Customer Experience

By establishing direct integrations with your customers and granting them visibility into your operations, you significantly increase the likelihood of cultivating lifelong customers. You can offer:

Easy data integration and convenient sharing: Through our API, you can effortlessly retrieve the data and leverage your preferred platform or method to share it with your shipper customers. This eliminates the reliance on email correspondence, providing a convenient and efficient way for your end customers to track their cargo status.

Shareable links with no login required: You can share the tracking links provided by Portcast with your customers, eliminating the need for them to log in. These links will seamlessly appear as if your own company generated them.

Value-added services: Real-time visibility empowers your freight forwarding business with advanced analytics, predictive insights, and tailored reporting, enabling your customers to optimise their supply chain operations. These exceptional services differentiate your company from competitors and open doors to explore new revenue opportunities.

What We Can Assure

  • Straightforward implementation: Transitioning to Portcast's API, enabling swift integration with your planning and execution systems is a straightforward process which does not burden your IT resources. Moreover, by doing this, you eliminate the need for your team to incur the expensive capital expenses associated with building an in-house visibility solution. 
  • Scalability: Portcast's cloud-based architecture provides scalable solutions capable of efficiently managing large volumes of real-time data and adapting to growing demands. 
  • Post-implementation support: Portcast prioritises customer-centricity and adaptability to meet your evolving business needs. We are committed to supporting your growth by providing a platform to scale alongside your expanding operations. Through regular check-ins, we ensure that you maximise the value of your investment and align platform usage with your changing requirements, enabling you to achieve your integration objectives effectively.
  • Focus on security: Portcast prioritises robust data storage and security, implementing stringent measures such as encryption, access controls, and regular backups to safeguard valuable information.

The Portcast Advantage

  • Intelligent data validations and human-in-the-loop quality experts ensure reliable data
  • Broad coverage of vessels as well as barges (5,000+), global ports (1,200+), and global carriers (120+)
  • Capability to handle NVOCCs 
  • Predictive ETAs, port congestion alerts, and carrier analytics
  • Port terminal visibility and delay management
  • Cloud-based solution with highly scalable architecture
  • Robust data storage and security
  • Easy-to-use APIs
  • White labelling available


Today's shippers require reliable and actionable data to track their product movement, identify supply chain bottlenecks and address avoidable costs like demurrage and detention. The tolerance for late deliveries among shippers has diminished, as operational bottlenecks resulting in delayed shipments have far-reaching consequences that disrupt the entire value chain, including inventory, production, and resource management. Minimising operational costs is a top priority for many shippers, and a reliable visibility solution like Portcast is the key to achieving this. 

Through Portcast, you can integrate trusted and complete visibility data into your core business processes and turn your visibility offering into a strategic benefit. Schedule a demo with our visibility experts to know more!

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